A/b testing. What it is and how to use it to improve your site davide rossi . 9 november 2022 ab test despite advance tools and increasingly refine analysis methodologies. User opinions remain central in the process that leads to the optimization of a web project. Ab tests are base precisely on this principle which involves proposing different versions of the same web page to more or less large groups of people. Let’s see how this analysis system can be use to create increasingly high.Performance sites and ecommerce . You might be intereste in. “Ecommerce and green marketing. The importance of environmental impact” operating principle of an a/b test ab test a/b testing . 

Operating principle of an A/B test

Also calle split testing. Is an analysis method that is base on variations of the same platform that elicit different reactions from users. In short. Users new data are offere a version a and a version b of a web page. Which. Therefore. Are completely the same except for one or a few details. By monitoring the interactions on the two pages and. In particular. With what differentiates one from the other. Very important data can be recorde that clearly says what the people who browse the page prefer. Is your ecommerce not performing as you would like. Discover business data. Common errors and best practices for online shops. How a/b testing is use in practice ab test to carry out an effective a/b test. 

How A/B Testing is used in practice

You must first identify the target audience suitable for the project you want to optimize. Which generally corresponds Mobile Lead to the user base with characteristics that overlap with those of the buyer personas. This quality traffic is divide in two to offer version a of the web page to one group and version b to the other. Very often only one element is change . So that there are no other variables capable of influencing user behavior . To clearly understand the preferences of those who visit the site. Kpis (key performance indicators) are set and monitore on both pages. Indicators can be different. For example.


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