Google ads performance max. What is it and what is it for. Marco targa – 3 november 2022 google ads performance max just like a natural evolutionary process. Google’s algorithm continues to develop and gain intelligence the digital mind of the search engine seems to be increasingly focuse on the experience it gives the user. So as to win them over through extremely personalize answers. Advertising systems are also evolving to facilitate the advertiser and to show ads in the format and place suitable for each type of user. In this context. Google ads has implemente performance max . 

How does Performance Max work

A very useful and powerful tool. You might be intereste in. “The future of adv. Interconnection between traditional and online meia” how does new database performance max work. Google ads performance max the name. Performance max. Represents a manifesto that reveals the purpose for which google develope this new type of advertising. Namely. Maximizing performance . Google’s advance automation systems. Capable of analyzing big data and suggesting solutions. Now allow you to exploit all the advertising channels connecte to the search engine with extreme efficiency. Display network research network discover gmail youtube maps performance max . 

Why use Performance Max

In google’s words. Is. “ a new objective-base campaign type that allows results-driven advertisers to access their entire google ads inventory Mobile Lead from a single campaign. It’s designe to complement your keyword-base search campaigns to help you find more converting customers across all google channels.” in essence. A performance max campaign guides the advertiser towards defining the best audience segment. Manages the budget. Decides which content to show and on which channels. This automate system personalizes ads starting from the analysis of the campaign objectives. The creatives (texts. Images. Videos) that are uploade. And information relating to the audience. 


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