The first sustainability hackathon in bilbao brings together 60 creative minds to accelerate innovation and sustainability processes from the co-creation of multidisciplinary profiles, external to our companies. Building a tomorrow On march 8 and 9, bilbao witnessed a revolutionary event: the second edition of the sustainability innova&action hackathon. This open innovation initiative brought together sixty creative minds at bat b accelerator tower with the aim of addressing real sustainability challenges raised by prominent national and international organizations.

The hackathon not only

Represented an opportunity for innovation, but also a collective commitment to creating a more sustainable future. This pioneering event in open innovation brought together professionals with Latvia Phone Number List different profiles and professions distributed in 12 multidisciplinary teams challenged by important organizations such as bilbao port, faes farma, iturri, naturgy, zucchetti and repsol together with last tour, who presented current challenges that affect the population, trusting in the potential of innovation and sustainability as drivers of change. Sometimes we have to add different visions, different disciplines, “leave our company” to create different things.

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Solutions to Building a tomorrow challenges

That would not be possible without mixing these disciplines and those sectors. Gotzon bernaola ariño, general coordinator of business innovation at innobasque welcome, inauguration and talent fair with the Turkey Phone Number List challenging organizations. The event began by welcoming the participants, who upon entering received a welcome pack and the t-shirt that would accompany them throughout the entire experience. Once everyone arrived, when the clock struck the inaugural ceremony began in which each of the participants was thanked for being part of this initiative and the dynamics of the hackathon were explained in detail, creating an atmosphere of expectation and enthusiasm among attendees.


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