This month’s Innova & action Meeting focused on “Practical Management of Innovation Projects” , a fundamental topic in the current business landscape. The session featured the notable participation of Javier Sastre, CEO of Sastre & Asociados. Who shared valuable perspectives and strategies to address the challenges inherent in How to direct  managing innovative projects. This meeting served as a platform to identify the best practices and trends in the field of innovation, and teaching us how to incorporate innovation into our routine tasks, without leaving it in a “second place.” One of the main ideas discussed was the close relationship between innovation and project management. And, as the speaker.

Javier Sastre pointed out to us

Innovation materializes through specific projects , which is why it is important to improve results. of these projects as a driving force of business growth and Argentina Phone Number List competitiveness. Right away, the speaker wanted to make us reflect on the distinction between innovation projects and more conventional projects, pointing out that in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity ( VUCA ), the management of innovative projects faces challenges. additional. That is to say. What really differentiates an innovative project from one that is not, is its degree of uncertainty . These challenges include the need to adapt to rapid changes in the business environment and the ability to manage the uncertainty inherent in innovation.

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Once this main difference was understood

Javier Sastre conveyed to us another of the critical points in the management of innovation projects, Which is the importance of the project team in the success of innovation initiatives . The need for an effective project Taiwan Phone Number List leader and a committed sponsor to support the project throughout its life cycle was highlighted. So much so that the speaker went so far as to say that a good team can compensate for deficiencies in the project. While a poor team can sabotage even the most promising projects. «A bad project with a good team is going to have a good result. A bad team with a good project is going to fail.


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