Then, students can make their own activity proposals and carry them out for the next 1-2 semesters. Another option, students can directly participate in humanitarian activities relat to disaster emergency response. 6. Entrepreneurial activities students who are interest in becoming entrepreneurs are also facilitated in the independent campus program. To participate in this program, students need to first register and prepare an entrepreneurial proposal (can be done independently or in groups). The study program will then assess the proposal and convert it in the form of a course. Only after that did the study program appoint supervisors and mentors. After getting a supervisor, students can run a business for 1-2 semesters. At the end of the program, students need to prepare an entrepreneur report which will be use as a benchmark for the assessment and conversion of credit recognition. 7. Independent study/project independent campus independent studies apart from conducting research under the auspices of a study center, there is also the option of conducting research independently.


In terms of the merdeka campus, this program is referr to as independent studies. Independent studies are usually carried out by students who wish to participate in their work or ideas in competitions at national or international levels. However, it is also possible for students to carry out independent studies in certain industries. To take part in this program, students need to register for courses at krs and prepare a study proposal. This proposal will then be assessed by the testing team. If passed, students can continue their independent studies for 1-2 semesters accompanied by an examining lecturer. However, if they do not pass, students are required to attend lectures regularly. Still confused USA B2B List about  what independent study project to run? Try checking the bootcamp/career acceleration program from bitlabs. There are two bootcamp programs that you can choose from: data science and digital marketing. Through these two programs, you can prepare your career in the it field earlier. Of course, accompanied by a mentor who has many years in his field.

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For complete info, click: data science class digital marketing class 8. Building thematic real work villages/colleges kkn also gets a portion in the merdeka campus program. While most community service programs only last 1-2 months with a weight of 2-4 credits, this community service program at the merdeka campus gives a weight of 20 credits for the implementation of community service program for 1 semester. For this program, the organizers are more flexible. There are several kknt options that students can choose from: extended kknt model: after undergoing a regular kkn program for 2 months, students Mobile Lead can request an extension of the program for 1 semester. Model of kknt for village development & empowerment: universities work together with partners to run kknt according to the village medium term development plan. The kknt teaching model in the village: prioritized for education study program students. In addition, students need to teach according to their respective study program expertise. Not limited to formal teaching in schools, but also non-formal.


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