Have you ever heard of the term “independence campus”? This isn’t jargon or the name of a building at a college. Hehehe. Merdeka campus is a new program initiat by the minister of education and culture, nadiem anwar makarim. Through this program, students can spend two semesters studying off campus. Interesting, right? If you are curious, keep reading this article. Because bitlabs will thoroughly examine what the merdeka campus is and the interesting programs in it. Cuss! Contents hide 1 what is merdeka campus? 2 objectives of the independent campus 3 what are the merdeka campus programs? 3.1 1. Student exchange 3.2 2. Internship/work practice 3.3 3. Teaching assistance in education units/teaching campuses 3.4 4. Research/research 3.5 5. Humanitarian projects 3.6 6. Entrepreneurial activities 3.7 7. Independent study/project 3.8 8. Building villages/thematic real work lectures 4 have you selec an interesting merdeka campus program for you? What is the independent campus?

 Independent Study/Project

Merdeka campus is one of the programs from the ministry of education, culture, research and technology which frees students to study for two semesters off campus. More specifically, students are facilitat to take a two-semester program for off-campus activities. For example, internships, independent studies, community service, student exchanges, and so on. With this program, students are expect to be more flexible in exploring their talents and interests. Especially with the rapidly changing social, cultural, technological and world of work conditions. This kind of program can keep students’ talents and interests relevant to the needs of the times. Independent campus goals the following CANADA B2B List are some of the objectives to be achiev with the independent campus program: improving the competence of university graduates, both in the aspects of soft skills and hard skills; preparing college graduates who have the ability to become future leaders who are superior and have personality; facilitating students to develop their potential according to their passion and talent. What are the merdeka campus programs?

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Building Thematic Real Work Villages/Colleges

According to the official guidebook, merdeka campus currently has 8 types of programs that you can choose to take part in: 1. Student exchange independent campus student exchange student exchange is one of the activities that can be carried out in the merdeka campus program. Unlike most student exchange programs, merdeka campus makes it easy for students to transfer credit earned from the exchange destination campus to their own campus. That way, students don’t need to worry and feel in vain undergoing student exchanges. Moreover, in most cases, student exchange students need to repeat Mobile Lead courses on campus and make their study period longer. This program is also not limited to a narrow scope. In more detail, the merdeka campus facilitates several types of student exchanges, namely: student exchange between study programs in the same tertiary institution; student exchange in the same study program at different universities.


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