The function of these computers is to store and analyze raw data . In essence, the more hadoop clusters walmart has, the more data they process. The result? They can do the following: access real-time data from consumers. The data taken also comes from various sources. Enhance data personalization by leveraging algorithms and machine learning . Utilizing data mining to find sales patterns in each period. Well, one of the factors that influence walmart’s success in utilizing big data is their ability to track each customer . Every day, walmart processes tens of terabytes of new data and petabytes of historical data . This certainly shows how extensive the big data ecosystem at walmart is. Thus, walmart can find out in detail about their customers. Starting from the products they buy, where they live, to the products they like on the website. With so much data and information they have, of course there are many benefits they get. Let’s discuss further! What benefits does walmart get from big data?

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It feels incomplete if we discuss this case study without explaining the benefits that walmart gets. Since utilizing big data, the following are some of the benefits this company has experienced: sales on online platforms have increased from 10% to 15%. Walmart can quickly identify price changes in the marketplace. So, when competitors reduce prices, walmart will immediately offer discount coupons to consumers. The purchase rate ( conversion rate ) for each consumer increases . Walmart can find out the relationship between product sales and certain variables . For example, walmart has seen a phenomenon Italy B2B List where sales of pop-tarts (a biscuit brand) increase before every storm occurs in an area. Losses due to stock problems can be prevented thanks to inventory data recording. Walmart’s big data algorithm can analyze purchases made using a credit card. So, they can provide product recommendations based on transaction history . That’s only part of it.

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Can you imagine how lucky walmart is thanks to big data? Also read: big data and its role in shaping linkedin now what lessons can be taken from the walmart case study? Maybe you think that big data is only useful for large scale businesses like walmart. Is that right? Luckily not . Even small businesses can take advantage of big data. For example, you can check trends in an industry by simply checking the data on google trends . So that your business will be more up-to-date . Apart from that, you can also find out the characteristics of your online shop visitors through the data in google analytics . With this Mobile Lead data, you can make more informed business decisions. So, to be able to make better use of big data, of course you have to learn more about data science . No need to look far, because bitlabs provides data science classes for beginners! In this class, you will learn many things. Starting from how to create data processing programs to how to create data visualizations. Interested? Come on, click the banner below to find out the class.


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