Walmart is one of the most popular retail companies in the world. In this case study article, we will discuss how walmart was able to achieve its success. Walmart shop illustration some of you may have just heard of walmart. Naturally, because currently walmart is not expanding its wings to indonesia. There used to be one in 1996, but then closed in 1998 due to the financial crisis. As the largest retail company, the income that walmart receives is no joke. Every day, they managed to earn about $ 36 million usd from 4300 outlets across the united states. Amazing, right? This figure is certainly not achieved for free. They have made many efforts, one of which is by utilizing big data for business development. So, want to know how they manage and utilize big data? Let’s watch it to the end! Contents hide 1 let’s meet walmart! 2 how does walmart use big data? 3 what benefits does walmart get from big data? 4 what lessons can be taken from the walmart case study?

How Does Walmart Use Big Data?

Let’s meet walmart! Walmart is a multinational retail company originating from the united states. This company has been around for a long time, namely since 1962. Illustration of the history of walmart in a walmart case study article however, walmart’s history is actually much longer. This business dates back to 1945, when its founder, sam walton, bought a branch of a franchised Austria B2B List store. Through his business, he wants to focus on selling cheap goods with high sales volume. Years later, his strategy ┬áproved successful. Even today, walmart is still loyal to the edlp ( every day low price ) strategy. Long story short, walmart has now grown so large that the number of consumers has reached around 245 million people ! They also have around 10 thousand outlets spread all over the world.

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What Benefits Does Walmart Get from Big Data?

With the rapid increase in business scale, of course walmart has to rack its brains so that its business operations become more efficient. In this case, the solution they choose is to utilize data . In the end, data is not only able to increase the effectiveness of operational activities, but also help improve the marketing and customer experience of this business. So how does walmart use the data they have? Let’s see in the next section! How does walmart use big data? Every hour, walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of raw data from one million shoppers. As an illustration, this amount of data is equivalent to 20 million stacked Mobile Lead document shelves. So, how do they manage this much data? So, in 2012, walmart decided to move from 10 hadoop clusters to 250 hadoop clusters . Walmart data center illustration but just a moment.. What is a hadoop cluster? A hadoop cluster is a collection of computers (which are generally called nodes ).


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