He expressed that dairy farmers can learn a lot from vegans and that we have definitely become too separated from the natural world. David Finlay owns a dairy farm in Scotland, and in response to Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar speech he wrote an article in which he acknowledged that the dairy industry and “dairy farmers like me can learn a lot from vegans.” Finlay wrote it a few days after Phoenix exposed the suffering of cows and calves within the industry: they are separated moments after the birth of the calf that will be killed for its meat while it is still a baby and the cows are exploited for their milk until they stop to be productive and send them to the slaughterhouse.

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Joaquin Phoenix saves a cow and her calf from the slaughterhouse Finlay distanced himself from the opinions of some farmers who Brazil Phone Number List spoke negatively about Joaquin Phoenix’s speech. Stating that “as a dairy farmer, I agree with Joaquin Phoenix’s comments that people have become disconnected from the natural world.” In a BBC documentary called The Dark Side of Dairy. The farmer spoke about the suffering that this industry causes to cows and broke down in tears when he acknowledged that some cows cry for their children for days after they are taken away from them.

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