Every year in Mexico at least 17 million animals die when transported to the slaughterhouse under extreme conditions. It is common that when accidents involving trucks transporting cows, chickens, pigs and other animals to the slaughterhouse are report, and many of them die or are injur. What happen is talked about as if it were a simple overturning or crash of a full truck. of merchandise. Often, in these cases too, the human victims are reported and mourn. Which, of course, are also important) but we only hear about the animals if they refer to the amount of money the company has lost due to their deaths. They are not consider victims and their value lies solely in the profits obtained through them. You may be interest. What I saw left me paralyz”. The testimony of an investigator Transportation.

Transport 17 million die like

This every year in Mexico Every year in Mexico at least 17 million animals die during transport before reaching the slaughterhouse. The conditions in Australia Phone Number List which they are transport are extreme for these animals, which, even though they are still very young. Have mostly led lives full of deprivation and abuse on the farms where they were rais. When transported, they die from hunger, thirst, extreme cold or heat, and suffocation due to crushing each other. They are handl with brutality when they are taken from the farms and loaded and unloaded from the trucks with blows, kicks, shovels, electric shocks, and they are also thrown to the ground or trampled.

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Many arrive at the slaughterhouse

With serious fractures and unable to walk and are forc to stand up. With blows and electric shocks or are dragg despite their suffering. Why don’t the laws protect them? In its Manual of responsibilities in the Iran Phone Number List transportation of pigs, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development. Fisheries and Food of Mexico  recognizes that transportation is such a delicate process that some animals do not survive. And although according to the Federal Animal Health Law of Mexico, any violent handling such as hitting them is prohibit.


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