The meat industry sells us through its advertising a reality very different from the one that animals live behind its walls. It is common that when people see the images of our investigations on factory farms they are horrified by the cruelty they are witnessing. The images we show seem taken from the worst nightmare you can imagine, but they show situations that animals face day after day. That’s why we’re here to clarify a few things.  Here are some examples of this: Depopulation” or “culling” is the mass killing of animals on a farm.

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This purpose include exceptionally painful or prolonged methods such as suffocating animals with foam or gas, manually slamming baby animals to the ground , and turning off the stalls’ ventilation system and allowing Canada Phone Number List animals to be confined inside. die slowly from overheating. This has usually happened when animals are suspected of having a disease, such as bird flu, for example. However, recently hundreds of thousands of animals have been killed en masse due to supply chain failures due to COVID-19. Check out this news where we review the mass extermination of pigs in the largest meat producer in Iowa, United States.

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Slamming animals into the ground has been used to kill them by depopulation. But it is actually standard practice in the meat industry. Workers sometimes kill piglets that are weak, sick. Or not expected to reach the desired market weight by slamming them to the Australia Phone Number List ground. Although this cruel practice has largely been made illegal. It is still in many areas not only legal but considered an acceptable form of euthanasia. Sequence of an execution  Sequence of an execution. A worker proceeds to slam a sick pig into the ground. Animal Equality Investigation 3 Chickens raised for meat are typically bred to grow. So quickly that their legs cannot support the weight of their own bodies. The birds suffer painful deformities, and many collapse under their own weight, unable to stand or walk.


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