The chicken is the animal that is most threatened in the most likely scenario for the future. . Find out why. The chicken is the animal that is most threatened in the most likely scenario for the future. Strategies to reduce meat consumption for environmental and social reasons do not favor them at all. Chickens are at a terrible disadvantage , but have you ever wondered why? The explosion of plant meat Inevitably, plant-based meat is gaining ground globally, we have continually mentioned this. The Chinese market, the largest in the world, already has many commitments, partnerships, investments and launches related to plant-based meat. None other than Starbucks, Nestle, Yum China (owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) have detected the enormous possibility that exists right now, in this market in this country.

The rest of the world is not far behind

Thailand, Brazil, USA, Russia and the UK, with none other than Danone declaring that the UK should consume “less meat and dairy”. And of course Mexico, here you can already find alternative options to USA Phone Number List transnational meat such as Beyond Meat, Gardein, Tofurky, Morningstar, Lightday and Quorn in supermarkets, plus a multitude of national ventures and products. However, there is still a long way to go before they become competitive in price, availability and variety, because the majority of alternative products, as in the entire world market, are still frozen. And that is very bad news for chickens at a time when we are beginning to see the giant global recession that we will have as a result of the pandemic derived from COVID-19. What does it have to do with chickens? As you already know, chicken meat is the cheapest.

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Well the cheapest in price

Because every economic saving that has been made throughout history has been to the detriment of the lives of animals. On balance, every time the industry has made this meat cheaper, animal suffering has increased . And in a dramatic way. And chickens, like hens and Belgium Phone Number List turkeys, have the disadvantage that fewer people feel empathy for them. It’s not for nothing that the industry has been able to get to where it has. Society has more normalized the violence that is exercised towards them, both in breeding and slaughter than in the case of other species that are used for consumption, such as horses or in Asia, dogs and cats . Furthermore, this industry is not a priority for environmental protectors. Cows and pigs are the greatest urgency for them, which leaves chickens completely helpless on a second front that is discouraging their consumption.


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