Google Search Console: what it is

Google search console. What it is and why it is essential for your site davide rossi – 21 october 2022 google search console google search console is an indispensable tool for anyone involve in seo and/or website management. Over time this digital service from google has change. Both in form and substance. Its name has also change. Before 2015 it was calle google webmaster tools. Precisely to highlight the purpose for which it was create. Today search console is probably easier to consult than it use to be. So that it can provide important information even to site owners with not extremely advance it skills. 

Google explains in a simple way what Search Console is

Let’s delve deeper into its features and advantages. You might be intereste in. “Google search console. How to take advantage of the new video special data indexing report” google explains in a simple way what search console is google search console to understand what search console is exactly. Let’s start from the definition that google publishes in the support section . “google search console is a free service offere by google that allows you to monitor and manage the presence of your site in google search results. As well as resolve any problems. 

Why is Google Search Console used

You don’t necessarily have to sign up for search console to include your site in google search results. But search console helps you understand Mobile Lead and improve how google sees your site.” this explanation contains important information for those new to search console. It is an authoritative data source highlights problems and suggests solutions there are no costs it does not require registration all this translates into concrete advantages for anyone who uses a website. Ecommerce. Blog or other web platform to do business. Download the inside minibook for free now to discover all the trends. Opportunities and best practices for your ecommerce! Why is google search console use. 

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