Title and H1 tags in SEO: what are they

Title and h1 tags in seo. What are they and why are they important. Marco targa – 28 october 2022 title tag seo . Search engine optimization . Is a set of activities that have the objective of indexing and positioning the web pages of a website on the search engine. The creation of quality content is the heart of seo. But to obtain good results in serp (search engine results page) such content must have some technical characteristics that allow its analysis by the search engine. Title tag and h1 are two indispensable elements for creating optimize content . 

What is the function of the Title Tag

Let’s see what they are and what they are for. You might be intereste in. “Black hat seo. The optimization techniques latest database that google doesn’t like” what is the function of the title tag. Title tag the title tag is an html element with which the title of a web page is made known to the search engine and also to the user. Technically it is a text string containe between the <title> and </title> commands. When you do a search on google you get a list of answers with clickable titles that lead to the pages containing the contents that respond to the type or spoken query. Those titles are actually the tag titles. 

What is the H1 tag

It is essential that this tag truly represents the content. Because it is the main element with which the search engine and the user preventively evaluate the quality of the Mobile Lead response present on the linke web page. Google in the section deicate to developers. Specifically in the document entitle check title links in search results . Says that. “titles are often the main information people use to decide which results to click on. So it’s important that the text in your web page titles is high quality.” 

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