Twitch is a streaming platform that is used, above all, to broadcast video game games live. Its growth, however. Has made room for other topics, which is why different types of profiles can currently be found among users. which has increased interest in monetizing content. But how to monetize Twitch? enable bits Bits is one of the most popular ways to monetize a Twitch channel . It is a kind of currency that is used within the platform and that users can use to get and send Cheers. Cheermotes or personalized Cheermotes in the chats of content creators, which would be smileys, animated smileys and custom smileys respectively.

Be part of the Twitch affiliate program

For each smiley sent, the creator of the smiley receives financial compensation , specifically $0.01. Bits can also be used within some extensions. So every Belarus Whatsapp Number List time a user uses it within one of them, its creator will receive 80% of that $0.01 and 20% will go to the extension developer. The best thing about this monetization method is that it is fully. Managed by Twitch. So it is very comfortable and safe, especially for those channels with millions of subscribers. Encourage subscription to your channel For a content creator, it is essential to get subscribers. Since these are the greatest support for the channel.

Enter the Twitch Partners program

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Of course, you have to think that the subscription has a monthly cost for the viewer. So through it you must be able to get a series of exclusive advantages, such as viewing the content without ads or access to personalized Cheermotes. Among other things. There are also gift subscriptions. which are those that one viewer gives to another so that they have Mobile Lead exclusive access to the channel. Offering these types of subscriptions is also a way to thank fans for their support and. At the same time, to grow the channel. Become an Amazon affiliate. Twitch is a platform that belongs to Amazon, so one of the best ways to monetize the channel is by recommending products that are sold in this great ecommerce.

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