Keep quality content You already understood that digital marketing content needs to be of quality at all times. So, don’t neglect your content, offer meaningful and relevant information to your followers and consumers. By doing this, in addition to your audience directing a different look at your brand, you will be aware that you are delivering something that will respond to your audience’s desires. For this, work through your content in a complete, objective way and transmitting security about your product. Do not forget that the ranking priority goes to the sites that bet on the authority of the content and present it in the best way in order to maintain relevance in Google. Bet on friendly URLs First let’s go to the concept of URL. This is a link in the address bar of a website. The acronym stands for Uniform Resource Locator, with free translation for Standard Resource Locator.

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In short, it’s a direction of where that link will take whoever is browsing. Therefore, optimized or friendly URLs are essential for search engines, regardless of the change in the algorithm. It is even a considerable point to acquire relevance in Google, since they make life Indian Phone Number List easier for Internet users, search engines and those who work in the company. When optimized for SEO, they improve the user experience from the organic search result page (SERP). Read about SEO Techniques . A tip, as the platform can also identify keywords in the email address, avoid using symbols and numbers, so you make identification easier. Optimize old content It is common for us to leave aside content and pages that were published a long time ago. However, be careful: old content is useful for gaining relevance on the platform.

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The fact is that the main objective of this change

Even updating old content can generate more visits, more lead and sales conversions in your e-commerce. In that case, try to update and use them with keywords that are relevant to your audience. Know that publishing new posts has become essential to achieve good results, however, posts ¬†Mobile Lead¬† already published can take your blog and your brand to a higher level. use keywords We know that keywords have always helped ranking content. With Google’s changes today, it allows the association of keywords with the meaning of a search. This, according to search platforms, the new updates will lead to greater user reach. The fact is that the main objective of this change is to increasingly qualify user searches, showing ads that are more relevant to the searched terms.


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