Keyword targeting the keywords you want to target on your site depend on several factors. Below we list some of them: Read How to Keyword Mapping . Volume Volume relates to how many people are searching for a particular keyword. In this way, the amount of people who are searching for a keyword will define the potential target audience that you can reach. That is, the greater the amount of research, the greater the potential audience. However, if no one is looking for a keyword, there will be no audience available to find your content through search. Relevance Just because a term is searched for frequently doesn’t mean it’s relevant to your potential customers. know who your potential customers are and what they are likely to search for.

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Thus, keyword relevancy, or the connection between a website’s content and a user’s search query, is critical in ranking. Competition Keywords with high search volume reflect positively on the amount of traffic. But, the fight for a position on the first page of results can be Dubai Phone Number List big and time consuming. brand visibility It is a fact that a well-positioned brand will appear in the search results of the industry to which it belongs. Therefore if your brand, company, has a constant presence, it is natural that it will be in the minds of consumers. content experience Content Experience is a system that brings good results for marketing. Thus, we are talking about relevant, quality and carefully created content, in order to engage the public, from the first searches to the final phase of purchase. Know your target audience .


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What are the pains? What language do they use to describe the things they do and the tools they use? So with all these answers, you may have an initial list of potential keywords, hence more domains to help you find additional keyword ideas to feed into search volume and competition metrics. Some research on behavior can be pursued through Google’s Mobile Lead  own free tools such as Google Ads and Google Trends. Use data from your own website In case you already have a website and already receive some traffic from search engines, you can use some of your own keyword data to help you understand which terms are driving traffic. Especially for those that you can rank better. Also, once you understand your customers, check the keywords that drive traffic to your competitors.


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