A new study reveals that goats are as intelligent as dogs and, like them, can be very close to humans. According to a new study, goats are as smart as dogs and capable of building strong emotional bonds with humans in the same way that they and any other animals that share our homes with us or are close in some way do. , such as cats and horses. The study, which was carried out by Queen Mary University of London and has been supported by Farm Sanctuary’s “The Someone” project, proves that the ability to follow instructions and perceive signals is not limited to animals considered “domesticated.” . You may be interested in: Compassion: The butcher who became vegan for animals What does the evidence say? The study consisted of hiding food in one of the two buckets and indicating the location of the food to the goat using a gesture that indicated the proximity of the bucket.

The goats that managed to interpret

This signal were taken to perform the next test, which consisted of the same as the first with the difference that the pointing gesture towards the target was made from a greater distance. Both tests showed that the goats Vietnam Phone Number List were able to locate the food when the signal given was closer to the correct location than when the experimenter was further away from the location of the reward. This indicates that while goats may generalize their use of human pointing gestures, this may also depend on how much the local stimulus rather than the reference information is refined. “We already knew that goats are highly attuned to human body language, but we didn’t know if they could follow a human cue, such as a pointing gesture, in the same way that dogs and horses do to locate a reward,” the author said.

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Very similar to dogs The same study also showed that goats stare at the human caregiver when they are performing a task, something that is also a typical trait of dogs . “Goats look at humans the same way dogs do when asking for a treat that’s out of reach,” Nawroth said. According to the author of the study, its results provide compelling evidence of how complex the communication Estonia Phone Number List of goats with humans is, and that despite having been bred for 10,000 years – mainly to be used for consumption – show similarities with animals that have been bred to be companions for humans such as dogs. Find out first! Subscribe to get the latest news and help animals more They form strong emotional bonds with humans Until recently, scientists also believed that only animals such as dogs, cats and horses were capable of forming bonds with humans , but evidence indicates that goats can too.


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