After 15 years he could not continue having understood that animals want to live their lives as much as we want to live ours. From birth Brian Kavanag was practically destined to be a butcher and very far from being vegan and for animals. And it could hardly be any other way within a family that owned a butcher shop in Burnside, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Likewise, becoming a butcher at just 16 years old was, according to Brian, something he also did “to keep my father calm.” Most of his adult life was spent in the butcher shop slicing up animal parts day after day. And after 17 years of career, one day while he was behind the meat counter he didn’t know how to tell his colleagues that he had become vegan. “I kept it to myself.

I didn’t tell anyone

Because I was worried they would make jokes. “Before I saw it as a piece of meat on a plate but then you see it as an animal and not just a steak.” Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with actions to help animals Although for Brian eating meat and buying it out of Taiwan Phone Number List convenience at the same butcher shop where he worked had been an everyday thing his entire life, after his wife started eating a plant-based diet everything began to change for him too. But what led him to make the final decision to stop eating meat and start following a plant. Based diet was the super famous documentary Earthlings. Narrated by actor Joaquin Phoenix and which shows all the ways in which animals are used by human.

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Including the barbaric and cruel

Practices of the livestock industry and industrial fishing. Brian quit his job and started another Sgaia’s Vegan Meats in Glasgow. A company dedicated to the production of vegan products they call “mheats. And ranging from bacon and burgers to vegetable sausages. He currently China Phone Number List recognizes himself as a vegan butcher and Brian, like many others. Also made the connection and stopped seeing a piece of food on his plate and recognized. That animals want to live and enjoy their lives to the fullest, exactly like us. Fuente. More popular How to report animal abuse and cruelty in Mexico? (Part 1) June 19, All people can report animal abuse and cruelty. Below I will give you a brief guide to know how to do it.


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