Factory farms have also been the source of deadly diseases and epidemics. Dr Shireen Kassam, founder of the organization Plant Based Health Professionals UK. Indicated that significant reductions in meat consumption are necessary to improve public health and prevent. The Mass animal farming emergence of future pandemics . Likewise, Kassam stated that animal farms. Provide the perfect conditions for the generation of new infections with epidemic and pandemic potential. What has history shown? From the most remote events to the most recent, an unquestionable reality is repeated. The raising of animals for consumption carries a very high risk for human and animal health. In the last 30 years some of the greatest threats to humans have been a direct consequence of animal consumption.

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Caused the death of thousands of cows and 158 people. Avian flu – considered the last major threat before the current COVID-19 – affects chickens and hens used for food and, since its appearance in Southeast Asia in . Has put the entire world on alert. Plans and preventive measures Malaysia Phone Number List have been implemented to reduce contagion to humans. According to existing documentation, this virus is capable of directly infecting humans, causing very severe forms of influenza that have led to death. Between and , 351 cases of infection and 129 deaths were recorded (mainly in Asia), which led to a reduction in poultry meat consumption and the killing of millions of birds that still remained on farms.

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The latest news and help animals more. EQ_2168 Animal Equality investigation on chicken farms used for egg production 7 out of 10 infectious diseases are of animal origin. According to an article published in La Stampa by the scientific popularizer Mario Tozzi, the conclusions France Phone Number List of various researchers are based on a common denominator and that is the fact. That the origin of all these diseases is animal transmission and that “70% of EID (Emerging Infectious Diseases) arise from a more or less direct interaction between wild and domestic animals and humans. We have entered an era in. Which it is not uncommon for doctors to find themselves treating patients with bacterial infections for. Which there are no effective antibiotics.


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