Know your Ideal Customer Profile well If you want to increase online sales , before starting any Marketing strategy, one of the first steps is to create your persona . After all, what’s the point of spending time and money producing content and ads if they are target at the wrong people?! Go beyond just knowing the gender, age and social class of your audience. Find out what yours are: Pain; Wishes; Nes; Idols; Hobbies… The more information you have about the persona, rest assur: your strategy will have a much greater chance of success ! Oh, and if you don’t know how to differentiate target audience from persona , I recommend this content: Tip: Persona and target audience: understand the main differences 3.

Increase your Sales through Digital Marketing

 Be easily found Is having a website important? Very. But is it enough? No. It won’t do any good if your potential customers can’t find you! And, for them to find you, you ne to invest in content and achieve good positioning in search engines — especially Google, of course. Being on the first page of Google means your company is always in the spotlight. After all, when the user searches for something, they want a quick answer and will rarely browse through several pages to find what new data they are looking for. Think about your Internet searches: I dare say that you start by accessing the sites that appear in the first results ! And how do they.

When it comes to paying less for the


The importance and how to calculate the cost per lead for your website Orgânica Digital’s mission was to develop a set of digital marketing strategies that would bring the results they ne and weren’t getting. They ne much more than a website . The project Our action plan began with the optimization of Google AdWords campaigns , and then we start developing a new website . With a more professional appearance, improv user experience and optimiz conversion of visitors into leads . Together Mobile Lead with the website, we develop an optimiz blog (SEO), with work focus on best practices, a fundamental part of our Content Marketing strategies.


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