The solution Time to get your hands dirty! Orgânica Digital develop a new website for Mapa do Imóvel with the following characteristics: Features of the new website: To support the new platform, a digital marketing strategy was develop including attraction actions by creating campaigns on Google AdWords , generating relevant content for the real estate agency’s blog . Relationship actions were also carri out with leads generat through email marketing , generating more business opportunities. With a more professional appearance, improv user experience and optimiz conversion of visitors into leads . Together with the website, we develop an optimiz blog (SEO), with work focus on best practices, a fundamental part of our Content Marketing strategies.

Important tool is Google My Business

Tip: Orgânica is a Content Marketing Agency specializing in Sales . Know more! The results Increase in audience in 6 months after implementation (implement on 3/10/16): Report-increase in contacts 75% increase in contacts Organic Hits: Organic Hits Report Growth of organic accesses 1,227% increase in index pages within 7 months of implementing the new website: Report – Index Pages 1,227% increase in index pages After all these indicators, we achiev a result of 1700% growth in leads generat!Blog Marketing Digital marketing Management Digital Marketing: 7 OKR ideas for the next new database quarter William of Bortoli Per William of Bortoli 08/09/2023 Management CEO of Orgânica, has 20 years of experience in digital marketing and sales projects.

Google My Business Another very


It is through mastery of the latest segmentation and automation technologies that Digital Marketing has gain weight in the global economy in the last decade. Like never before in history, it is possible to measure all the details that a company like you nes to know about its customers! As the entire flow of potential customers in a Digital Marketing strategy travels over the Internet, each step of these people in the purchasing journey is record in a database. Such precision makes Digital Marketing Mobile Lead a perfect match for the OKR methodology : a definer of Objectives and Key Results.


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