This health crisis has shown that urgent measures can be taken in the face of global threats. Today begins World Meatless Week and is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how our relationship with animals. Specifically farm animals, and how our meat consumption affects the planet and our health. William Lee, researcher at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), stated that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has made it clear that, if necessary, governments around the world are capable of taking urgent measures against other global threats such as, for example, global warming.

Likewise Lee pointed out that

Unlike COVID-19, global warming did not come suddenly but will take more years to unleash all its destructive effects on the planet and life on it. Which is why it is so necessary that we act now. . “It is a wake-up call to UK Phone Number List better restart our relationship with the world, the environment and each other,” he said. You may be interested in: Expert. As long as we raise chickens, there will be pandemics” What does global warming have to do with meat consumption? It is common that when we talk about solutions to the risks that global warming implies for the planet. We hear proposals such as reducing the amount of plastic we produce or the frequency with which we travel by car.

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But there is a main factor in global warming

Which is much more destructive and which is currently the real threat to the planet: our excessive appetite for meat. Global meat production has a gigantic negative impact on the environment Industrial livestock Brazil Phone Number List farming and pastures to feed animals occupy 45% of the planet’s surface and consume up to 30% of the world’s drinking water and only in Mexico. There one in 5 aquifers is overexploited and 10% of Mexicans do not have access to drinking water. This figure rises to 50%. Watch the video of our investigation that shows the devastation that livestock farming is causing in the Amazon. Do you want to be up to date with everything that happens to animals and know how to help them.


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