Time on page Providing a relevant site for a search result increases the chance that the visitor will stay longer and consume all the content. In  the user clicks on your website as a search result and feel disappointe. If this happens, he will click on the back button and choose another result that has relevant content that can solve his question. This is a type of behavior that is call and it sends a bad signal to Google. A situation that contributes to increasing your bounce rate. Also, it can bring down your ranking in search engines. click through rate Ranking well for a keyword in your industry is not enough. Other than that.  your title and meta descriptions need to be persuasive. Otherwise you cannot expect search engines to come to your site.

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Fine line between social media and search engines Social media have their growth since 2011. Search engines have for an average of  it is that there was a delay for all of them to adapt to use. Facebook large Canada Mobile Number List ecosystem, registering around  billion searches daily. Remembering that these are searches made not only about people. Part of these searches are for content share by other Facebook users. Twitter and Google have into a partnership. Tweets from an account with a large following are now indexed by Google and appear on search results pages. Another information is that Google is using its knowledge map to answer your searches with rich content, which contains media and not just texts a fact that reflects changes in the future of SEO.

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your title and meta descriptions need to be persuasive

Personalization with Digital Assistants and Voice SEO Google . Now or Siri are personal virtual assistants that answer questions about the weather, commute times, and the like. These personalized search results, which are served by Google. However since the shift from desktops to connected devices, voice-activate  Mobile Lead  personal assistants have become more relevant. These wizards are known to offer more suitable results according to what the user is looking for. This of course. Alows voice searches to work more efficiently. How to prepare for the future of online surveys By . You must have understood that consumers want consistent information that n the hands of  even if the search channels do not belong to them.


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