While not a new term in SEO, it is a considerable SEO trend due to its impact on the overall perception of a link regarding the Penguin Update and the Anti-Spam Update. Optimization for different platforms Considering that there is a diverse amount of devices and platforms that your target audience browses, you need to work on optimizing them all. Like, PC, tablets, smartphones, watches with a phone. Regardless of the device the user is using, Google just wants to satisfy the user. Therefore, it is important to give mobile users the same attention as PC users. Search You need to identify the keyword search queries that are bringing users to your site from different devices. To do this, compare search queries against each other to understand how to create the right content mix.

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Content You must know what content draws users to your website and landing pages? What stage of the consumer buying cycle and what content format is gaining the most traction? If you can identify any difference between the content that mobile users want and what Germany Mobile Number List desktop users want. workflow Evaluate the performance of your content, layout and menus help users navigate your web pages easily. This can be identified through a visit monitoring tool such as Crazyegg.com. So, see which path mobile device users take compared to tablet and PC users. See users in Google Analytics. Look for landing pages. It is these activities that will reveal more about user behavior and how to structure your content to appear to your users.

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EO Mobile Mobile Site Indexing Most users who browse the internet use mobile devices. As a result, technology has been trying to follow this trend and inserting methodologies with the intention of giving greater emphasis to mobile devices, as is the case of mobile first. Mobile first is related to the creation and development of websites, landing pages and other web projects, with the  Mobile Lead  project for mobile devices first, and later adapted for the desktop versions. This adaptation of websites to cell pho While not a new term in SEO, it is a considerable SEO trend


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