However,They are fearless women, determined to end cruelty to animals. They go to the most terrible places to show the world the truth. Today, Women’s Day, from Animal Equality we want to express our support for the vindication of the rights of all women. We know that the road has been long and difficult and that is why we defend, value and stand in solidarity with this fight. However, Today we want to recognize all the women who work to end injustices , especially those within the animal rights movement. Our organization, like other organizations that defend animals, is made up mostly of incredible women. Who make a difference for them day after day. They are fearless women. Determined to end cruelty to animals.

They are able to go to the darkest

Most terrible places to show the world the true face of the industry and tell it that the atrocities committed against them must end. They are the Animal Equality researchers. Individui, non oggetti “What has Indonesia Phone Number List precisely inspired me the most to face this hard and difficult work is my admiration for the brave women who do research. And this is because I consider that research work is the most powerful tool for change.” Dulce Ramírez – Executive Director at Animal Equality Mexico. I indagin him “I deeply admire their dedication and courage. They enter industrial farms and slaughterhouses – places no one wants to go – take photos of horrible scenes that are the daily lives of animals and transform all this horror and the sadness and anger that it awakens.

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In struggle and activism

That is changing the lives of millions of animals.” Dulce Ramirez Dulce Ramírez, director of Animal Equality in Mexico. Was chosen to have the work she carries out for animals recognized in Unbound , a wonderful project created by photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur and Hong Kong Phone Number List doctor Keri Cronin that pays tribute to the women the vanguard of animal defense. Since she began leading the organization’s work in Mexico in 2013, Dulce has achieved outstanding achievements with the team. Ranging from ending the use of animals in circuses within the state of Jalisco. However, Developing educational programs and having a law so that non-compliance. For Dulce, at the base of all of the above is research work: “It is these investigations that. However, By documenting the lives of animals on industrial farms. Provide focus and strategy to the animal rights movement.


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