As consumers we are the only ones who have the power to transform this reality. Experts have been warning about this for several years now. The UN and even the different entities that operate in the seas have been concerned to draw attention to this alarming situation. By 048 there will be no fish in the oceans. And it will not be due to the gigantic quantities of plastics that pollute it. Nor to the acidification of the waters but to industrial fishing. Unbridled consumption and the absolute disregard for the life of the animals that live in the seas. The amount of fish that are killed each year by industrial fishing and in fish farms is so large that it is usually measured by tons. However, it is known that the annual number of fish killed is one trillion, six hundred and thirteen billion.

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T​he magnitude of these numbers, let us keep in mind that it is 245 times greater than that of all the humans who inhabit the planet. Subscribe now to our newsletter and find out first about what is happening to Singapore Phone Number List animals and how you can help them. The most invisible and abused animals on the planet Due to various reasons ranging from a lack of empathy marked by prejudices that usually identify them as less sensitive and less intelligent to the fact that they live in an environment so different from ours, fish remain distant and unknown to many. But they are capable of feeling pain to almost the same extent as birds and mammals. What can we do? The cruelty to which fish are subjected and the current threat to life in the seas is due to the fact that the demand for fish in the world has far exceeded the consumption of meat from other animals.

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Fortunately it is not a problem

Which we are oblivious. On the contrary, each of us, from our position as a consumer. Are the only ones who can transform this reality. You can incorporate more vegetable options into your dishes to replace fish meat and also try these 5 incredible recipes that save our seas!  Anterior Next  More popular How to report animal abuse and India Phone Number List cruelty in Mexico? (Part 1) June 19, 2020 All people can report animal abuse and cruelty. Below I will give you a brief guide to know how to do it. Green chicken meat: What is this?! October 28, 2020 There is something much more worrying than. The green color of chicken meat: the reason why it turns that way. You didn’t know it, but chickens are actually like very intelligent feathered cats or dogs. We are not here to repeat what popular belief says about them.


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