Learn more about Google Ads, keywords and other topics related to this area of ​​Google research in our blog . And if you prefer, get in touch with us and find out what USE can do for your company.Content funnel is what we call the junction of the sales funnel with Content Marketing. The sales funnel is a digital marketing tool that accompanies the customer in all stages of the sales process, from the first contacts to the completion of the purchase. The main objective of those who invest in digital content is to attract the attention of people on the internet and turn them into potential consumers of their products or services. Sales Funnel Content Funnel Content for Each Step Despite the challenge, there are a multitude of digital marketing strategies that effectively collaborate in this mission, among which is the content funnel. However, using this instrument correctly is what will make the difference in your results.

Below, you will have access to how this strategy works, its importance in capturing leads and strengthening your brand’s authority against the competition. Content Marketing Sales Funnel Digital Marketing for Social Network What is a content funnel The content funnel is a tool that acts as a kind of guide, directing the consumer to the purchase decision. This is an important resource in the buying journey process, which comprises the three stages of the sales funnel. In the world of digital marketing, it is an essential tool, as it is through the content funnel that the company will be able to lead its potential customers through the sales process. So organize customer-facing content for each step. That is, from the attraction, going through the recognition of the problem and presentation of the solution to the actual purchase and acquisition of the product or service.

personas Persona is a character identified from your customer data. We can also define it as the representation of your ideal client. Then, build your persona through surveys that reveal real customer data, such as: Demography Motivations Goals needs Challenges Among other features. The creation of the persona is a more in-depth job  Mobile Lead  when compared to the target audience, for example. Since, the more specific and detailed the persona’s profile, the greater the chances of success in the strategies. Content funnel steps ToFu (Top of Funnel) As already mentioned, the content of the sales funnel is to guide the customer’s journey , that is, in the sales process. Therefore, the material must be worked on strategically, according to the characteristics of each stage. Thus, the content at the top of the funnel has the function of attracting visitors to their platforms and making them stay until the end of the shopping journey.



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