Soon, after this process, a list of keywords will appear. If you want to go further, there is a set of free tools available on the site, which you can make use of. How Google’s Keyword Planner Works Next, you will understand how the keyword planner of the biggest search engine we have today works. Discover new keywords Did you know that there are billions of keyword opportunities at your fingertips? But as has already been said, you have to plan your choices well, after all, keywords, much more than the function of appearing in searches, these words define user behavior. That is, there is a greater meaning in this strategy. You need to appear to people who are actually interested in your product. Therefore, the first step is to identify some words that are directly related to your product.

Then you put these words in the Keyword Planner, on Google, and it will bring up several words related to your product and that are searched on google, that is, how people search about that. search keywords This keyword research tool shows you how often certain words are searched and how these queries change over time. Therefore, it is possible to narrow your keyword list to the ones you really want. View bid estimates Keyword Planner will provide you with a suggested bid estimate for each keyword. With this information, you can determine the budget you have available for your campaign. make your plan Once you have the keywords, it’s time to insert them into the advertising plan. From there, you can share them with your team for future reference or even save them. Once this is done, you can finalize and launch the campaign. How to avoid keyword cannibalization One way to avoid this problem is through planning.

For this, the suggestion is that you make a spreadsheet with the main search terms and the related texts that will be written. Some activities can fix errors in these cases. Combining content, for example, can be a way out. This can be done as follows: if you identify that two contents are similar and with the same objective, it is  Mobile Lead  possible to combine the two and form a single article with superior quality. If the idea is to provide attractive content, you can compile the ideas present in each of them and restructure them. Conclusion In this article we show that when it comes to keyword research, there is a range of ways to do the searches. Therefore, given the importance, it is interesting that you know each of these tools. Building intimacy with these search tools will help in choosing the right keywords for your site, naturally directing your site in the right direction.



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