Keyword adword & SEO Keyword is that tool that allows you to use your creativity when looking for keywords that are related to your website, your marketing strategy. In this, just enter a keyword in each of the three boxes and click on “generate permutations” and you will find an infinity of results. Although in this amount of results you will find terms that do not relate to your search, it is possible to extract good ideas from it. Google Correlate As the name suggests, it is a tool that does research correlations. Example: when you search for food, for example, you can see that these words are related to restaurants or other spaces in this segment. This explains why Google receives searches on these subjects at the same time and in similar volumes. Google Correlate differs from what we have in Google Trends today. Unlike Google Trends, Correlate only needs one term, returning those related to it, while Google Trends needs two or more to compare them.

Keywords Everywhere Search tool that allows you to view the volume of searches for keywords in more than 10 search engines, such as Google, Search Console, YouTube and Amazon. Keyword In Palavras-chave or keywords, is another term that specifically describes users’ searches on Internet search services. Like the others, it serves to bring the most relevant results, along with text ads. Keywords are important for content such as blogs, websites and other content formats that intend to be found on the web. Soovle Basically, the Soovle keyword research tool shows autocomplete suggestions from various sources other than just google. You can use the tool to see Google’s auto-suggestions, however, there are numerous sources such as Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon.

To search you start by selecting the source. The default option is Google, but by clicking on other icons below the search box, you can change this option and soon others will appear such as Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, among others. Wordtracker Scout Wordtracker Scout is a browser extension that provides a list of keyword ideas  Mobile Lead  from any web page. This is possible by browsing any website or even taking a look at your competitors. To do this, just click a button and you’ll find keyword ideas that people are using. WordStream Free Keyword Tool This keyword research tool offers 30 free searches, so it’s worth knowing how it works. With features similar to Google’s keyword planner, to use it you must enter a keyword, in addition, you can choose an industry and country to carry out the search.



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