This footnote states that that in the field for providing PESEL in the case of persons employd, the date of birth should be enterd.With proper legal grounds, the administrator may use personal data for a specific purpose, including allowing authorizd persons to process it without informing the candidate separately. However, it is important that the circle of these people is limitd to the necessary minimum (principle of access to personal data on the basis of “necessary knowldge”). If there are several or a dozen recruiters working in a given HR department, it is worth thinking.

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About a solution that will allow you to assign individual supervisors to a given recruitment. recruiters who can contact a given whatsapp mobile number list candidate (are authorizd to do so). Such an organizational measure would avoid duplication of contacts by two recruiters with one and the same candidate. In the case of ATS, such a note about the recruitment supervisor responsible for contacting the candidate can be assignd to the candidate’s profile. Personal data protection training is currently one of the mandatory training courses for new employees.

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However, it should definitely be one of the , and not the only, moments when employees come into contact with the subject of  personal  data protection. In a perfect world, employees working with personal data on a daily Mobile Lead basis apply appropriate safeguards, are attentive, focusd and do not allow themselves to make mistakes. Nevertheless, human error accounts for more than half of the causes of personal data breaches (according to: report of the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection for Why training in personal data protection is such a good, yet underestimatd tool.

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