Google has launched two new video SEO features .Clip Markup and Seek Markup. Clip Markup refers to a technique that allows the owner of the video to highlight its key points . This is very useful so that users can go to the point that. Interests them directly and without having to see all the content. The Seek Markup , for its part, is a Google functionality that allows. The same search engine to understand the structure of the URL and, thus, find and link to specific points . Clip Markup and Seek Markup are important for your . SEO The main reason why Clip Markup and Seek Markup should be used in a video marketing strategy is to give Google the information it needs to understand the content of the video and be able to position it and offer it as a result for a search intent.

How to introduce Clip Markup and Seek Markup in your videos

How to introduce Clip Markup and Seek Markup in your videos In addition to a title. A description, the upload date or . The duration of the video, among Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List other data, a video can be structured so that . Its content is classified or divided into a kind of chapters. which is what is known as Clip Markup and Seek Markup. So that it ranks better in search engines. In order to introduce these markers, Google needs to know the textual tag and the moment at which each tag begins and ends (timecode) , although it could also be done by telling the browser where the timestamps usually go in the URL structure. In this way, Google will be able to automatically identify each of the parts of the video.

Important aspects of Clip Markup and Seek Markup in SEO

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At the same time, the website is also being optimized. Since if the videos on it are more visible, the site will also be. Be very careful that there are no errors Mobile Lead in the structure , since if there were, it could harm the positioning. This is mainly due to the fact that the expected information will not be offered at that point, thus increasing bounce rates. Also, no two clips in the same video can share the same start time. It is also important to note that for these. Markers it may have differentiated parts. It is clear that Clip Markup and Seek.

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