Marketing goals Marketing goals of the company – how to define them? Marketing strategies were first discusse in the 1960s and 1970s . It turne out that with the growing number of goods and services, it is not enough to enable customers to buy. Even if the product was good or attractively price. A long- and short-term strategy was also necessary, providing a framework for the company’s activities. Its important element were marketing goals. Examples of goals and important definitions can be found below. We recommend Why does experience marketing work so well.

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What are marketing goals? It may seem obvious – marketing goals are the result you expect from the implementation of specific marketing activities and strategies. Importantly, however, they are not the same as the actions themselves. That is: the goal may be to achieve a certain number of customers or a define turnover, but not just to develop whatsapp mobile number list or look for customers. Marketing goals can be strategic, operational or tactical. Many companies define several goals in different time horizons, broken down into these three categories. Strategic ones are the least precisely define. They define what the new reality the enterprise will be in through the implementation of more precise tactical objectives (which can be compare to tactical war moves) and specific, day-to-day operational activities.

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They are divide into quantitative or qualitative – they can be measurable or expresse more in the sphere of ideas (often base around adjectives, more, better, faster, etc. Do you nee support in achieving your marketing goals? You are in the Mobile Lead right place. we will help. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Marketing goals – examples of good and bad goals What marketing goals are worth setting? It is good that they are in line with other elements of the whole, which is the marketing strategy . Then there is a synergy effect, and individual goals, campaigns or the entire communication strategy reinforce each other’s actions and message.

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