Listen, comrades, to that very Yampolskaya, not mentioned before dinner: the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowned themselves.  the start of the film with state funding, and some are already preparing for unprecedented financial pressure before The Secret of the Third Planet and The Adventures of Pinocchio. Miraculous, however, kinosyur, citizens film distributors. It would be better if they were puzzled by the promotion of the film or something, otherwise, you see, Bezrukov and Chadov themselves will take care of their advertising and marketing – all the more so, as Olga Zinyakova herself said, marketing specialists in our country hoo-hoo, and they will quickly.

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Domestic film production. Suddenly, everyone is praising Elena Drapeko. She yesterday, like the same heroine from “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, rushed to save the industry. True, the granny reminds her of how everything in the film ended for her, but at the cinemas this woman became a heroine and everyone’s favorite. Drapeko promised French Polynesia B2B List today to have a tough talk with the government and to show all these technocrats and methodologists the very one … oh, clearly explain her correct position this time for the cinema industry. The chief still says that the enemy has not yet sailed in the information field. Let’s wait. Watched two interviews today.

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One Boris Titov with Alexei

I must say right away: everyone is somehow beautiful, but thinner. Except for Alexei Venediktov. They all said the same thing. Hot, passionate and empty. There were no officials – they have their own lives and their own reports. But, comrade cinematographers, take a close look at Comrade Voronkov’s speech. There is on the case. By the way, we received an invitation here to visit the city of Leningrad with its St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – how beautifully and aptly it has already been called “the all-Union corporate Disneyland Mobile Lead on the banks of the Neva”. We looked at the prices. Now we sit and consider how many cinemas could be saved for this money. The chief says – everyone, but I think that there would be enough for filming a blockbuster. But I am modestly silent about my calculations. Suddenly, professional marketers will catch up.


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