Research carried out to determine the inclination of consumers of the new generations, known as generation Z and millennials, shows the following: The importance of Mediacom found that 40% of consumers have stopped using or have never used a brand due to its low values ​​and 63 % believe that brands have a duty to give something back to society. On the other hand, Cone Communications found that almost 90% of people surveyed would buy a product if the company supported an issue they value , and 75% said they would refuse to buy from a company that supports an issue contrary to their belief.

Social responsibility must be a priority

For companies since new generations of consumers are worried about the future and carefully choose what to buy to partially alleviate that concern. That is why, through their actions, companies must Japan Phone Number List demonstrate to their consumers that they are sensitive, committed and concerned about the future; build a tangible social responsibility that places the company before its competitors. The importance of A company that expresses itself by generating a cage-free egg policy and applies it throughout its supply chain is a company that differentiates itself from its competition, being totally pioneering in positioning itself for the new generations.

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