The new improvements mean that all connect devices should be able to operate more effectively over larger ranges. For example, a Bluetooth speaker that can disconnect and periodically lose connection when you leave the room with your  smartphone should work without interruption regardless of range and distance changes. The same goes for smartwatches that connect for a second or two to download and view instant notifications. The release of the Bluetooth 5 standard should also have measurable benefits for companies and corporations that are potentially interest in the technology for their business applications.

Check out the latest ranking of the world’s most popular mobile apps

The introduction of Bluetooth 5 will bring with it the possibility of increas transmitting capacity, which means that more data (800% more) will be handl with this technology that can be sent in one transmission. I recently wrote about  how smartphone users in the United States are spending more and more time than ever before using mobile apps. Mobile users now spend an average Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List of over 40 hours using smartphone apps. Meanwhile, the average number of use apps has remain the same since 2012 and is still around 27 apps from various categories. See also: 27 applications in 40 hours a month Which mobile applications are most often use by smartphone owners in the world.

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Which mobile applications are most often use by smartphone owners in the world?

According to data provid by SensorTower (Nomura Research), there are a few surprises in the ranking when it comes to the world’s most popular mobile apps. Big players like Google, Facebook and Twitter continue to be among the top 10 most download apps in the world. Snapchat, Uber and Netflix, however, are increasingly at the forefront. TOP 10 most popular Mobile Lead mobile apps in the world by downloads (May 2016) The list of the most download mobile applications in the world in May 2016 by the number of downloads (in parentheses the number of downloads is in millions). Downloads are for iOS and Android apps from the App Store and Google Play.


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