Was just an ordinary information technology training program. Clearly, there’s more to Rise than that. If Reza can be a part of this independent campus program, there’s hope he’ll be able to fly high. Reza even ventured into Bangkit as usual since he was catching up after taking time off. He did all this to become a professional ready to work after graduation. When he became a member of Bangkit, Reza made every effort to coordinate his various activities. At the time, while being a Bangkit participant, Reza was also obliged to complete his thesis and fulfill his responsibilities as the person who does the practicum -ed. Reza also uses Google Calendar to organize these important events. Usually, in the morning, Reza focuses on studying. However, if Bangkitnya activities were conducted during.

lecture time, Reza would only

 be able to learn Bangkitnya material by re-watching the learning videos in class. Thereafter, around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Reza started completing his paper in installments. After the thesis writing plan is completed, Reza will fully focus on Bangkit’s learning process. Reza’s hard work allowed him to successfully pass every challenge in Bangkit’s 900 hours of study. This is where whatsapp number list Reza’s turning point and the struggle begins. He tried his best to become a good time manager, such as studying on campus to improve his GPA and taking part-time jobs to make ends meet while studying at Bangkit. The increase far exceeded expectations “The results far exceeded expectations” is Reza’s impression of this career preparation program. Reza started to realize many things one by one while studying at Bangkit. One of them is that the GPA has increased from a full 1 point to 3.19. “Rise Up was a great opportunity.

Bangkit provided everything

I needed to enter the professional world. I didn’t just learn IT. Here I was able to practice soft skills and get plenty of space to collaborate.” Being able to meet Bangkit participants from aUnderstanding Cognitive Learning Theory Learning is a major activity that we humans engage in. Basically learning can happen anytime, anywhere, using any media. There are many learning theories, one of which Mobile Lead is cognitive learning theory. So this time we will discuss cognitive learning from the meaning, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of cognitive learning. So, please read this article carefully so as not to miss any information. What is cognitive learning theory? Cognitive learning theory is a theory that describes learning as consisting of multiple processes, including analyzing, processing information, predicting, and solving problems. 

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