The Golden Circle so that your company shines

Have you stopped to think about how big brands have succeeded? It may seem obvious. But […]

Relive the VLC Creative Economy Forum

Forum. It was not the first edition nor the second, it was the third. What they […]

The protagonist of innovation is you

In our last Innova&action meeting we had as protagonist the true protagonist of all of them: […]

What is your high card?

Last Tuesday, June 7, the Personal Development and Leadership Club took place , we were introduced […]

Innovative hubs the cradle of projects with unprecedented 

Incubators began to be popular in the 80s, their main function was to offer a space […]

Conquering the world in a different way Where to start?

At the last Meeting we were accompanied by Andrés García from the company SIfdi, which is […]

Robots friends or enemies?

Years ago, robots stopped being part of futuristic theories. Nowadays, robots are part of our daily […]

How to achieve more with less work and without stress

In the last personal development and leadership club irene sanz vizcaíno spoke to us about intelligent […]

Trends in personnel selection

For years now, personnel selection, now known as talent acquisition, is not what it used to […]

Innovating through servitization

From product to service, the key to innovating in your business. On september 23, the first […]

Metaverse the future in the present

It is not new, we have been hearing the concept of metaverse for years and if […]

A good memory as a competitive difference

We welcomed the month of september with a personal development and leadership club on memory as […]

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