The transition between the distribution companies of some Russian releases did not go unnoticed. Your Dasha drew attention to the changes in the conditions of film distribution that took place after the change of owners. I am a star. If not you, then who, they told me today in the editorial office and showed a stream of requests for the voice of “Your Dasha” in the film desert. They handed us a bottle of the same cola, warning that next time it would be Kalinov kvass, and this time a very small glass of salty (I hate it!) popcorn. The chief took out a dusty bandanna from somewhere under the chair, put it on my head and said: “Act, Dasha! The film market is waiting.

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Which, in fact, should have calmed down in recent weeks. It seemed like he should have, but he couldn’t. None of my definitions are here. This is how the poor cinema  fishes wrote today after the performance of one respected company, the name of which I was told not to mention, because everyone already knows who I am talking Cameroon B2B List about so respectfully. came out, sorry if that. I’ll start from far away. At the end of last month, a mass exodus of Hollywood studios from Russia started. It happened in a strange silent way, when market participants learned about their outcome only from editorials of noble.

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The chief says that there are no official letters in the editorial office about the withdrawal of releases from representative offices of famous studios in Russia. And all the information is only word of mouth. How Aunt Manka whispered to the janitor Akhmed in my yard, and he told me a big secret – I already told you last time. In short, the  movement went into a strange state, when domestic releases suddenly flew, for which, it turns out, even Mobile Lead the state gave money. I omit about this – the laurels of our famous Sergey Lavrov should go only to Sergey Lavrov. This Monday, rumors once again spread, as is customary in our open industry, that it seems like one studio will abandon the film in favor of another, but which one is still unclear.


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