“French Messenger”, “Sky” and animation “Encanto”. If for the “Herald” this can be considered a success, then for the “Duel” it is rather a failure. “Sky” pulled an older audience into cinemas, which is generally not bad. “Encanto”, in turn, attracted a children’s and family audience, though not to the extent that cinemas wanted. Without delay, I will move on to the forecasts for the New Year holidays 2021-22. Painting this year went very smoothly and beautifully. I present my personal list of participants and analogue films. Place Movie Rental company Start date Forecast (million rubles) 1 The Last Bogatyr: Messenger of The main problem of New Year’s releases, in my opinion, is their “crowding” and the impossibility of films to show themselves in full force.

The Last Hero has every chance of becoming a

New Year’s champion and beating the result of the second part. The release date is very well chosen. “Spider-Man” looks even more attractive than the second part of “Venom” – due to a wider age audience. Only the lack of screen time can prevent him from coping with the parasite – the symbiote. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a movie come out on the scale of the return of the legendary The Matrix. I think Neo has every chance Comoros B2B List to bring both fans of the previous trilogy back to theaters and the younger generation. Again, the New Year’s battle may interfere with significant collections. With the cartoon Sing 2, everything is somewhat more complicated.

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A big plus is the quality of the animation

On the other hand, the fees of the recent projects “Incorrigible RON” and “Encanto” are very alarming. How can one not recall the cartoon “Boss Baby 2”, which was much weaker than the first part. When analyzing the film “World Champion”, the sports drama “Moving Up” suggests itself for comparison, since these films are clearly Mobile Lead united by the theme of sports. But after taking a closer look, I found that the duet of the main characters – Konstantin Khabensky and Ivan Yankovsky – also worked great in last year’s Fire.


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