China as an Example, Where the Share of American Films Is Limite to 10%

While the entire eitorial staff is recovering from the unfolding situation in the film industry, Vasha Dasha has taken on the role of a news reporter and will talk about the latest events in the industry. No, is that okay? I now stand in for our newsman while he lies on a drip due to the dissonance of perception of reality that has come in his inflamd and irritate brain. In. Such clever phrases are not from my vocabulary, I’ll tell you, but that’s how our Chief explaine to me why I now nee to surf the Internet and read what I’m reading now.

So, it all starte with an interview with

Nikolai Burlyaev to Tsargrad. I read the first sentence: “Russia needs to fight the dominance of American films at the box office and promote domestic films,” actor Nikolai Burlyaev said in a conversation with Tsargrad, and I was puzzle by the question of what date the article was publishe. Date April 21, 2022. I read again. Hello, we American Samoa B2B List have arrive, but why should Russia fight American films if they have not been at the box office for a long time? Hollywood itself did an excellent job with them, suspending the screening of films in the country both in cinemas and on streaming.

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Burlyaev cite

Then I swam: I just read about the quarantine in. Shanghai, in which more than 20 million residents cannot even leave their homes for almost a month. Due to the outbreak of covid in the metropolis, which has been lasting since the beginning of March. “Tens of thousands of asymptomatic patients have been sent to special quarantine Mobile Lead centers. In some cases, children are taken away from their parents, which causes a sharp reaction from society. After two years of the pandemic, the PRC authorities continue to adhere to the “zero covid” policy.

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