That Is, the Total Amount of the Program Amounted to Approximately 10 Billion Rubles

Apparently, the authors decided to develop the opposition of their characters and this time to transfer the spirit of rivalry to the chessboard. The theme of defeating an external opponent has also always been popular and brought a good box office. The traditional New Year’s cartoon from the Melnitsa studio has every chance of repeating the success of last year. The trip of a young viewer to an animation about heroes has also already become a New Year’s tradition. The situation with New Year’s comedies is ambiguous.

A difficult situation has developed

Around “Yolok” due to the fact that large networks opposed the launch of the film in the ivi online cinema on December 30th. If this happens, the project’s fees will sag a lot. Also, we have not seen an independent New Year’s comedy on  this date for a very long time, so it is rather problematic to predict the collection of the “Snegurochka”. Summing up, we can confidently say that New Year’s fees are highly dependent on the removed or newly Burundi B2B List introduced restrictions. A positive development against this background was the inclusion of cinemas in the Pushkin Card program. I hope we will be able to start selling tickets under this program before the new year.

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I will also note an

Interesting fact – 3.5 million people purchased the Pushkin Card, each received 3,000 rubles. Of which only 1 billion was spent in the first 3 months. It can be  assumed that without the inclusion of cinemas, the program will not be so effective. Of course, I had a lot of negative thoughts about the current situation, but I decided to keep them Mobile Lead to myself. I am sure that everyone has enough problems and negative emotions. Konstantin Khabensky and Ivan Yankovsky – also worked great in last year’s Fire.

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