At the time when I was coming up with the title for a series of articles about the everyday life of film distribution, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe analogy to “Hard Peak” seemed very funny to me. However, the joke ceased to be such, and the dive turned into a hard landing. I am glad that from here the path is only in one direction – to take off. True, only for those who survive. Let’s recap the past month. Year Attendance (million people) Revenue (billion rubles) 2018 17 4371 2019 18.5 4655 2020 6.81 1708 2021 5.34 1604 So, we can state that the measures proposed by our government to combat the coronavirus turned out to be very effective and “won.

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It is clear that such a strong decline in November is associated, first of all, with “non-working days”, when almost half of the country’s cinemas were closed or worked with restrictions in the form of checking the availability of QR codes  for visitors. However, a month has already passed, and the codes have not gone away. The decline in revenue also continued. Moscow and the Moscow Region managed to avoid mandatory checking of codes Cape Verde B2B List for cinema visitors, apparently, the virus does not go to the cinema there. And as a result, the percentage of collections in Moscow and the region from the all-Russian has grown sharply – by more than 20%.

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And how did it affect? Attendance of the new week increase immediately by 30%, with a general drop in other regions of 10%. Unfortunately, the November releases turne out to be very weak, only the Eternals manage to overcome the 200 million ruble milestone, having collecte a little more than 500 million to date, approximately repeating the September result of another Marvel comic – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Movie Mobile Lead Start date in Russia Rating Fees (million rubles) Attendance (million people) Eternal 08.11.2021 18+ 507 1.56 shang chi 02.09.2021 16+ 545 1.8 More than 100 million were collecte by the releases “The Last Duel.


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