I continue a series of articles about the difficult fate of our industry. I will traditionally start with an analysis of the box office of films and comparing them with analogues of previous years. So, the “champion” of September 2021 is Denis Villeneuve’s film “Dune”, about the difficult fate of a planet specializing in mining. The closeness of the plot of this story for the Russian audience is obvious. The film became the fifth picture, since the beginning of this year, has overcome the billion mark in the Russian box office. Let me remind you that the top five include the New Year’s “The Last Hero 2”, the family projects “Soul” and.

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New heroes are always met with some caution. Compare to other “newcomers” from studio companies, the result is quite modest, but the release time become traditional  for September, pleasantly diversifie the repertoire, but showe weaker results compareto the second part. Perhaps this is due to obtaining the maximum age rating, which significantly limits the audience. Release name date of release Age Fees (million rubles) Spectators (million peoity, of course, that the coronavirus is not aware of this, and will continue its activities. If we describe Botswana B2B List the presente domestic content, then I want to note several unambiguous trends. We still shoot about the Great Patriotic War (“Pilot”, “Scholarship Fruits”).

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I really like “Scholarship

Fruit” shown in its entirety, but the complicate plot, the running time of 180 minutes and the launch date of October 21 make it difficult to put it in theaters. And it will be much more comfortable for him to go on TV in the format of 4 episodes. You can also note the emergence of a new genre – “war in Syria” (“Heaven”, “Own War”, “Once Upon a Time in the Desert”). Given the ambiguous attitude towards this military conflict in Mobile Lead our society, it seems to me that this topic should be handle very carefully, and such a movie should be promoteaccordingly if at least some fees are neede. The question is, are they neede? A number of Russian animations were shown.