Comparison of Netflix vs Disney Plus Through 4 Indicators

With such a large gap, it’s not surprising that the average number of films added per month is not much different. Per month, netflix can add 110 new film titles and disney+ is only able to add 20 titles. Netflix vs disney plus: new movie releases in addition to the number of films in general, the number of new film releases is also an important factor in choosing a streaming platform. According to muhammad abiansyah’s research, during 2021 netflix released 277 new film titles on its platform. Unlike disney+, which only released 70 new film titles. Netflix vs disney plus: audience taste sometimes, choosing a movie streaming platform isn’t just a matter of having too many movies. Especially if you want a streaming subscription to get together. Of course there are other things to consider, film ratings according to age for example. According to research, most shows on netflix are aimed at young adults and adults. That’s why the duration of movies on netflix is ​​also relatively long, which is more than one hour.

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Number of Movies

On disney+, most of the films are aimed at children. In fact, 55.5% of the films are intended for an audience of 0-6 years. That’s probably why the duration of movies on disney+ is more diverse. Starting from less than 25 minutes to more than an hour. Netflix vs disney plus: price so, let’s come to the most awaited discussion, friends! Judging USA Business Fax List from the price, disney plus vs netflix, which one is worth it? With a subscription fee of idr 156,000 per month, you will pay approximately idr 1,418 to watch one film. So, if disney+ costs rp. 39,000 per month, you will spend rp. 1,950 to watch one film. Also read: walmart case study: increase sales with the help of big data disney vs netflix, so which one will you choose?

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What is Disney+ Hotstar?

So that you don’t get confused anymore, here are the key takeaways that you can take from this article. Netflix is ​​suitable for those of you who like lots of choices to watch movies. Especially because netflix is ​​very diligent in updating and releasing new films. If you compare this number of films with the subscription price, it’s worth it. Disney+ is suitable for those of you who don’t really mind the number of films on the platform. Then, disney+ will also Mobile Lead be suitable for those of you who have family members who are still children. From the price, the disney+ subscription fee is still very affordable. So, how’s it going? Are you sure which movie streaming service you want to choose?

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