Disney vs Netflix, So Which One Will You Choose?

Do you feel that there are more and more movie streaming services in indonesia? It’s not wrong, really! Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic makes us have to be smart to find entertainment from home. Yes, it’s no wonder that not only are there more and more streaming services, but they are also becoming more and more popular. Well, two services that are quite popular are netflix and disney+ hotstar. Between the two, which one is the best and worth it? Instead of getting confused, let’s take a look at the research results from muhammad abiansyah (alumni of data science career acceleration program from bitlabs). Contents hide 1 what is netflix? 2 what is disney+ hotstar? 3 comparison of netflix vs disney plus through 4 indicators 3.1 netflix vs disney plus: jumlah film 3.2 netflix vs disney plus: new movie releases 3.3 netflix vs disney plus: audience taste 3.4 netflix vs disney plus: price 4 disney vs netflix, so which one will you choose? 5 learning data science, can make analysis as cool as this! What is netflix?

Netflix vs Disney Plus: New Movie Releases

Netflix is ​​an online movie streaming platform originating from the united states. This platform has actually been around since 1997 with a cassette rental format in general. In 2007-2012 it began to switch to an online streaming platform. In 2013, netflix began to aggressively build programs and release films of its own production. Until finally in 2018, netflix aggressively expanded into international markets. Currently, there are 221.8 million people who subscribe to netflix. They are scattered in almost all countries except china, iran, syria, north korea and crimea. Also read: netflix case study: reach hundreds of million UK Business Fax List users thanks to big data what is disney+ hotstar? Disney+ is a relatively new online movie streaming platform. This platform, which also comes from the united states, only aired on november 12, 2019. Even so, as of early january 2022, the number of users has exceeded 129.8 million.

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Netflix vs Disney Plus: Audience Taste

This streaming platform is focused on developing to distribute various films and tv series produced by the walt disney studios and walt disney television. So, you can find shows from disney, pixar, marvel, star wars, and national geographic here. Comparison of netflix vs disney plus through 4 indicators below, you can read a more complete comparison between disney vs netflix. Netflix vs disney plus: number of movies one of the things to consider when choosing a streaming service is the large number of viewing options. When Mobile Lead  compared at a glance, netflix is ​​clearly the winner. Since it has been operating since january 2016, netflix has around 6,131 movies in its database. Far from disney+ which just appeared in september 2020 and only has 1,052 films. But, let’s be fair. Let’s try to compare the number of films from netflix and disney+ since september 2020. If you look at it this way, netflix still has more films than disney+. In total, in a year, netflix can add 1,428 films. Meanwhile, disney+ only 256 films.

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