If, on the one hand, there seems to be an impediment to entering the metaverse, it is also worth noting that some experiences relat to this universe can now be given through access to games and also through experiences via augment reality, which can be access through the use of smartphones . Currently, there are advertising campaigns out by Meta in Brazil to demystify the idea of ​​difficulty in accessing this virtual universe . In addition to the  difficulty of access due to the high cost of equipment, the Capterra survey also point out that respondents believe that the following factors are a problem: not knowing who to contact in case something goes wrong (37%) and lack of protection against malicious users (36 %). Improving the shopping experience is the main advantage of the metaverse in e-commerce The shopping experience is crucial for sales in a virtual store.

The main advantage that respondents

This can spill over into other sales processes, including reverse logistics, as customers can make purchases and return them more frequently. The main advantage  that respondents who would be interest in buying in the metaverse see in relation to commerce in this environment is precisely link to the shopping experience. That’s because just over half of respondents (55%) see the possibility of testing products using augment reality as the Ghana B2B List main advantage of the metaverse. This kind of technology would give people the opportunity to try on clothes on their bodies or see furniture in their homes.

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The possibility of seeing the latest

The possibility of seeing the latest products without queues or having to enter a crowd store (53%) and having a fun experience (52%) are other advantages rais by respondents. Will the metaverse be the shopping standard in the future? Although still uncertain and full of predictions, there are those who see the metaverse as a new paradigm when buying: just over half (57%) of those who would buy in the metaverse believe that this virtual world Mobile Lead will be the standard for future purchases. Respondents’ opinion on the metaverse replacing e-commerce However, shopkeepers should not expect a sudden change in the population’s consumption habits.


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