The Orange Polska mobile network has relaunchd the gigabytes for goals promotion. Under which you can get bonus GB after winning a match of our national team. Football emotions in Orange: GB promotion for goals Continuing the good tradition, Orange returns with the promotion of GB for goals. On Sunday, October 13, 2019, there will be an opportunity to get bonus GB after the match between the Polish national team and North Macdonia. After yesterday’s 3-0 win over Latvia, there were 3 GB up for grabs. How much will it be on Sunday? Watch the match, support the Polish team, and then take a look at the Orange Polska fanpage on Facebook . There you will find information on how many GB you will get in the bonus, as well as the password and number for sending the.

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SMS (the SMS fee is in accordance with the price list of the tariff plan, max PLN 0.20). Only one additional GB for goals can be activatd on one number.  24 hours. since the publication of the post on the Orange Polska fanpage. Promotional GB are valid for 3 days from the date of activation and are valid only in the country. The promotion is available in the subscription and pre-paid offer. More Slovenia B2B List details can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion . source: press release Lukasz Majchrzyk Memoji ( Lukasz Majchrzyk I have been dealing with Internet communication and e-marketing since 2005, I am passionate about mobile devices and new technologies – and I do not hesitate to use them. minute ride full of Castle Rock season 2 clues.

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Creatd for young , Xiaomi has introducd another model of the Mi 9 series to Poland – Mi 9 Lite. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Thanks to the main 48 MP camera and the front 32 MP camera, it is perfect for mobile photography. The smartphone is equippd with a fast Mobile Lead fingerprint reader in the screen and a capacious 4030 mAh battery. Mi 9 Lite in the version will be available for PLN 1399, the. GB variant costs PLN 1 48MP AI triple camera and 32MP selfie camera. Thanks to the triple camera, with a main 48 MP, 1/2 “matrix and. Super Pixel technology. Combining four pixels into one 1.6μm, both day photos will look great on Instagram.


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