I immediately receive Nezygar’s answer. Today, not only the self-employe are among the victims: enterprises that attracte customers only through Instagram, as well as small businesses, are suffering significant losses. According to expert estimates, 60% of the self-employe who do business in networks and through these sites earn from 10 to 100 thousand rubles using Instagram, more than 21% earn more than 100 thousand rubles.  is the only source of income. The collapse of the income of that part of the economically active society that independently createjobs and paid taxes begins to create certain risks against the backdrop of the worsening situation on the labor market, which was already directly stated by the head of the Ministry of Labor A.

 The increase in the number of unemploye

This is where I starte crying  out loud. Normally, it means that they write about it with love and compassion, but about cinema chains with cinemas with a smirk, irony and counting who, how much and on what earne, and even give New Zealand B2B List recommendations on how and how to promote domestic releases among the population. Eperts say that the authorities are intereste in stabilizing the situation as much as possible and are forceto create comfortable, as far as possible in the current economic realities, conditions for labor and commercial activities.

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Vladimir Putin pointe

The nee to provide support and rduce pressure on the business community in his speech at SPIEF 2022. And then my favorite, get ready. The possible removal of restrictions previously impose on foreign social networks looks economically feasible and does not create real political and reputational risks for the authorities. In addition, the politically active and oppositional part of the population, for the most part, did not stop using foreign Mobile Lead platforms using VPNs. As a result, the easing of existing restrictions will be positively receive by both the business community and self-employecitizens, whose number, according to official statistics, has been consistently increasing until recently.


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