From the new Google updates, the use of keywords gains even more importance. Ranking improvement depends on keywords with good distribution throughout the content that will be presente on your site. Improve SEO Title, heading tags and load time To maintain its relevance, bet on an SEO-optimize title, being the one that appears best in search engines and has the function of directing the reader to the content. Be objective, that is, without unnecessary turns, being direct in the message you send. In the case of heading tags, these are applie to define a structure and architecture of information to present the contents according to their priority. The theory presents six heading tags, which go from the theme of the contents to the subtitles. Headings are ideal for producing content and writing according to the order and classification of each topic.

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Another orientation is relate to the charging point, because we are dealing with an audience that wants information without much patience and eager for quick answers. do link building Through link building you get links from other websites. Therefore, the links are counted as votes for your e-commerce, conveying authority Netherlands Phone Numbers List relevance and trust. Link building is essential for anyone who wants to improve their relevance on Google, given that if more blogs and websites link content to their website, the platform understands that your email address is relevant, so it will start to present your page in search results. Choose clickable topics This means choosing topics that are trending on the internet. In this case, it is assume that, since you are going to spend hours creating content, it is natural that you want this content to be accesse.

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Link building is essential for anyone who wants

To do this, prioritize high keywords, adapt and use them in your posts. Before concluding the keywords think about the search inten. This strategy will make you not fall into the mistake of choosing phrases that do not align with your target audience. Use catchy titles ¬†Mobile Lead¬† and images You need to get your consumer’s attention, right? So, do it with images and calls that trigger mental triggers. Here you can explore scarcity, urgency and, above all, curiosity. In general the contents are made to deal with human curiosity and to solve the problems for which Internet users are looking for a solution. Also, consider the new features of the algorithms. Study them and plan before putting your content into practice. Take the test, in case the result doesn’t go as planned, you can change your strategy.


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